Tax Reform & Teachers: The Educator Expense Deduction

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Tax Reform & Teachers: The Educator Expense Deduction

After much talk, new tax reform did not do away with the educator expense deduction. Here’s the breakdown.

Educator expense deduction

Any qualifying teacher can take advantage of the educator expense deduction up to $250 of their reimbursed expenses, if all items were used specifically for the classroom.
An eligible educator is considered to be any teacher, instructor, counselor, principal, or aide, attending to kindergarten children, through the 12th grade. The institution must be qualified by the state of origin, and you must have worked for a minimum of 900 hours per school year.
The $250 max deduction is per person, so if you have a qualifying spouse and you file jointly, you would be eligible to deduct $500 max.

Things You Can Deduct

  • Books
  • Supplies – pencils, paper etc.
  • Computers
  • Computer Software

As you can see this list can incorporate many great items for the kids. Remember though, keep those receipts!  When tax time rolls around, you’ll want to have those for an accurate accounting of your expenses.
Here’s to another great school year!